Go Red for WomenHeart disease is the number one killer of American women, claiming about 500,000 women’s lives a year. That’s more than the next six causes of death combined — including all forms of cancer!

The American Heart Association is on a mission to change that with Go Red for Women — a movement that gives women the power to significantly reduce their risks of heart disease and live a long and healthy life.

The Heart Institute of Venice has joined the movement by providing a Go Red Women’s Clinic that offers important information, tests and education to help women be heart healthy.

Our Go Red Women’s Clinic Features:

  • Packet of information, tips and tools supplied by The American Heart Association
  • Go Red for Women dress pin
  • Tests for cardiovascular risk factor numbers
  • Wallet card with Go Red health check information and chart to track numbers
  • Evaluation and consultation by the Institute’s clinicians

The Go Red Women’s Clinic will help women assess their risk of cardiovascular disease, and formulate a lifestyle plan to reduce the risk of heart disease — a plan that includes a heart-healthy diet, exercise, and medication, if necessary.

Heart disease can be largely prevented if you take care of yourself. Living a Go Red lifestyle begins with doing the things that will help you live a longer, stronger, healthier life.