A Clear View of Your Heart

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death in most of the world. To help avoid it, experts recommend that people learn the risks for heart disease, be tested and diagnosed as early as possible, and begin treatment as soon as they can. Imaging techniques such as cardiac CT are just one tool doctors use to examine the heart and determine a patient’s risk for developing heart disease.

Healthcare would be a lot simpler if, instead of conducting dozens of uncomfortable tests, doctors could just look at you to determine what’s wrong. With the introduction of the revolutionary high-speed, 64 slice CT scanner, the world has taken a step closer to that dream.

This exciting new technology takes CT scanning to new levels, employing the latest and fastest technology to create clear, detailed images of your body that will help your doctor make the best diagnosis, and best treatment, for you.

Benefits of Cardiac CT 64 Slice Scanning include:

  • A complete exam of the heart can take as little as 10 minutes, from scan to diagnosis. Previously, patients suspected of heart attack might undergo an ECG study and blood testing, which could take much longer.
  • Allows doctors to evaluate the most common causes of acute chest pain with a single scan.
  • Permits some patients to avoid surgical procedures, such as cardiac catheterization.
  • 64-slice technology requires that you hold your breath for shorter periods – for example, a scan of the blood vessels in your heart now requires that you hold your breath for 9 seconds, compared to 17 seconds with older equipment.
  • Provides excellent image quality, regardless of your size and weight.
  • Images the beating heart in real time, permitting evaluation of its valves and the motion of its walls in greater detail.

64 Slice CT Cardiac Scanning is performed at Venice Regional Medical Center’s Health Park. Our physicians carefully monitor each patient’s visit to the diagnostic facility, and incorporate the results into a comprehensive treatment plan.

(Source: Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, Inc.)