The Heart Institute of Venice offers a Community Anticoagulation Clinic to help manage anticoagulation drug dosage and monitor the blood’s clotting ability.

Our Anticoagulation Clinic Features:

  • Instant protime results without venipuncture
  • PT/INR determined in seconds from only a few drops of blood obtained from a finger-stick
  • Immediate face-to-face consultation to discuss results

Anticoagulation drugs are used to help prevent clots from forming in the blood vessels. Clots can block the blood supply to vital organs, like the brain or heart, and cause stroke, heart attack or other problems. By reducing the blood’s ability to clot, the risk of these complications can also be reduced.

The use of anticoagulation drugs must be monitored closely to ensure correct dosage and to minimize the risk of bleeding due to excessive blood thinning. When first starting on an anticoagulation drug, patients require frequent tests until their dosage is regulated. After the dose has been regulated, tests will occur less frequently, although patients should never go longer than four weeks between tests to insure safety.

The Heart Institute of Venice’s Community Anticoagulation Clinic is staffed by professional clinicians trained in anti-coagulation management. Our nurses work closely with the patient’s cardiologist to insure the patient is kept in a safe therapeutic range for their medical condition.